Carlos Bandera (i_am_carlos) wrote in parade_rest,
Carlos Bandera


band practice blowed...plain and simple. we'd set the forms, fix them once, and then run the sets about eight times...getting worse each time. oh, and did i mention that we haven't practiced this song since band camp?? A FREGGIN MONTH AGO!!?!?! why in the HELL are we just now setting this?? less than four days from our first festival? if i ever had any faith in's gone now. how does he expect us to set home/over the rainbow at this rate...before saturday? and then ed..."it's not my problem if your forms look bad, he's the one that's supposed to fix all this."

see why i wanted so badly to be field commander? the band doesn't care, the director is incompetent, and the field commander says, "as long as i look good." what a great family we've created...we may win only trophies for showing up this year in the direction we're heading...
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